Sommer Haven Ranch Flourishes Our Community

Sommer Haven Ranch Flourishes Our Community



Teresa and Gordon Skinner share with Marva Greenleaf the love offering of this moment. Gordon’s gift “rise up and write your own script…. be proactive and connect with people…who have the same heart…” Teresa’s gift “”I want to encourage teenagers to follow your dreams and visions…Be the one in your family…You can reach your dreams”. Marva’s gift “won’t you be our neighbor?” One Love One Heart

Sommer Haven Ranch Flourishes Our Community

Teresa and Gordon Skinner carry on the ministry of Agnes Numer (Mother Teresa of America), dedicating Sommer Haven Ranch to the Bible scripture Isaiah 58. Understanding the “secret is in the giving” F.A.I.T.H. (Food Always In The Home) CommUNITY Gardens offer training and nurturing for the Divine Farmer in each of us. Transforming food insecurity into self-sustainability lifts the standard of every member of our community , blossoming the generosity of Spirit inherent in each of us. Praise God for such fertile soil and tender souls. It’s not the falling down, it’s the getting up that’s important. Resilience is vital…discover the Desert Stars amongst us, get involved, stay involved. A special thank you to Lancaster West Rotary…blooming well right here where we are planted.

AllNationsis58org Demonstrating the Love of God

Training others is inherent in the process at Sommer Haven Ranch, carrying the vision of Agnes Numer (also known as Mother Teresa of America) based on the Bible scripture Isaiah 58. Empowering others locally and globally, Train To Gain. Teresa and Gordon Skinner demonstrate Love in Action.

Antelope Valley Disaster Relief Network

Gordon Skinner of Sommer Haven Ranch teaches us the necessity of preparedness for disasters of all magnitude. Training volunteers to assist the agencies, organizations, churches, Law Enforcement, Emergency personnel, etc. Matching those in need with those who have resources…”get involved, stay involved” is what Vicki Medina says. Teresa Skinner witnessed the effectiveness of Pastors Resource Coalition during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, coordinating the local churches. Be the one in your family to be proactive and prepared to assist our commUNITY. God is most personified when we are joyful, we’ve only just begun…strive for the ideal while dealing with the real.

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